Charitable giving should be a JOY, not a burden.

Our flexibility allows you many options. The type of fund you select to establish is your choice. The type that works best for you and your charitable goals ultimately boils down to how involved you wish to be in making grants/distributions from your fund.


There are 6 Basic Types of Funds

Unrestricted Community Funds

These funds provide the greatest flexibility to The Foundation in its goal of responding to disparate and unforeseen needs. Income from these funds is used to award competitive grants in the areas of human services, health, the arts, education, the environment and conservation, the needs of the elderly and many others. The Foundation grants committee, comprised of board and community members, reviews applicant proposals and recommends funding.

Field of Interest Funds

Field of interest funds support areas of special concern to the donors. Donors can request The Foundation to award grants within defined spheres of interest such as the arts, education, the environment, historic preservation or health.

Donor Advised Funds

These allow donors to actively participate in the grant making process. Such funds can either be endowed or one in which principal is expended. Disbursement recommendations can be made at any time.

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Scholarship Funds

Donors assist deserving students in addressing the financial needs of post-secondary education. A scholarship fund can be very rewarding for the donor who, if they choose, may determine the criteria for the scholarship and participate in the recipient selection process.

Agency Endowments

Agency Endowment Funds are established by nonprofit organizations to provide perpetual income to them. The Foundation handles all administrative and investment responsibilities, freeing the organization to pursue its charitable mission.

Designated Fund

Income from Designated Funds is specified by donors to be given regularly to named charitable organizations. Through a designated fund, donors can be assured that their permanent endowment will provide funds to the organizations they select for years to come.