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The Community Foundation of South Puget Sound works to strengthen communities in Thurston, Mason, & Lewis Counties.

Elizabeth Anne Libby Memorial Scholarship

Click here to make a gift to the Elizabeth Anne Libby Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Give Local Community Report

Thank you for being part of Give Local 2020. Together we raised more than $520,000 for our communities in Thurston, Mason, and Lewis Counties. View Give Local Community Report.

Discover Ways to Give

Anyone can be a Community Foundation donor. Gifts from community members like you are essential to our work. Learn more about our programs and how to start giving today.

COVID-19 Response Funds

We have joined together with local partners in Thurston, Mason, and Lewis Counties to create COVID-19 Response Funds that will support people most affected by COVID-19. These funds will support immediate basic needs, health, and economic needs related to the health and economic impacts of this pandemic.

Give Local 2020 has ended

Thanks to the generosity of community members throughout our South Puget Sound home, $523,692 was raised for 79 local nonprofits! You can still learn more about these amazing organizations by following the link below and watch out for Give Local 2021 dates.

COmmunity News

Coldwell Banker Evergreen Scholarship

Coldwell Banker Evergreen Olympia Realty has a unique college scholarship essay contest available for local high school students. For a complete listing or rules and eligibility please visit

View a complete list of 2016 Scholarships


30 Years of Trusted Service

Begun in 1989 as a response to a community “visioning” session called Olympia 2010, the Foundation was initially created to build permanent funding sources to achieve this vision. Whether adjusting to changes in community needs, or looking beyond those needs to foster a deeper knowledge of philanthropy itself, for thirty years the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound has made a lasting impact. See our anniversary book "The Practice of Giving: 30 Years of Community Giving."

Our History