2017 Community Grants Program

The Community Foundation’s Community Grants program is a significant source of community funding. The program is made possible by generous donors who have contributed unrestricted and broadly defined area of interest gifts which allow us to respond to the community's changing opportunities and challenges over time.

Our service area is Thurston, Mason, and Lewis counties.

Program Details

The Community Grants program awards roughly 55-65 grants annually. Award amounts typically range from $2,500 to $10,000. Total awards through this program in 2017 will be approximately $350,000. There is one Community Grants cycle in 2017 with an open application period from June 19 through August 25. About 75-85 requests are submitted each cycle. Funds awarded in 2017 are for use in 2018.

New Crowdfunding Opportunity

As part of the 2017 Community Grants process, the Community Foundation will promote selected grants on an online giving platform. The goal is to leverage the Community Foundation's support to attract additional funding from the community at large. Read more about the 2017 grants crowdfunding opportunity.

Community Grants Funding Priorities

We Support Grants That:

  • Build upon existing community assets
  • Contribute to our region’s arts and culture, basic needs, economy, education, environment, health and wellness, and neighborhoods and communities
  • Strengthen the nonprofit sector
  • Build community capacity:
    We define community capacity as the combined influence of our region’s commitment, resources, and skills to build upon community strengths and address community issues
  • Promote collaboration with other organizations
  • Support work that strengthens the ability of people to provide for themselves and their families

We Are Committed to Community Foundation Values

  • Collaboration and connectivity
  • A regional approach
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Build on prior work and experience
  • Shared learning

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