Community Foundation Grantmaking Objectives

Our Grant Service Areas:

Thurston, Mason & Lewis Counties

The Community Foundation’s discretionary grants program is a significant source of community funding. The Foundation’s discretionary grants program is made possible by generous donors who have contributed unrestricted and broadly defined area-of- interest gifts which allow us to respond, on their behalf, to the community’s changing opportunities and challenges over time.

We Support Grants That:

  • Build upon existing community assets
  • Contribute to our region’s arts & culture, basic needs, economy, education, environment, health and wellness, and neighborhoods and communities
  • Strengthen the nonprofit sector
  • Build community capacity:
    We define community capacity as the combined influence of our region’s commitment, resources and skills to build upon community strengths and address community issues
  • Promote collaboration with other organizations
  • Support work that strengthens the ability of people to provide for themselves and their families

We Are Committed to Community Foundation Values

  • Collaboration and connectivity
  • A regional approach
  • Diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Building on prior work and experience
  • Shared learning