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Get Ready to Give Local!

Embrace community generosity as a Give Local donor & get ready to participate in the gift of giving this fall! There are many ways for your to get involved starting now.

We're excited that our annual, online community giving campaign is coming up, and we can't wait to celebrate the gift of giving with all of you!

Give Local, an initiative of the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound, has grown by leaps and bounds since its start in 2017, when the campaign raised $164,560 in support of 50 participating nonprofits. Compare that with last year, when local donors raised $795,682 for 87 nonprofits to benefit our Thurston, Mason, and Lewis County communities. That brings the all-time Give Local total to $2.1 million! Obviously, donors in the South Sound believe in giving.

Give Local aims to encourage community philanthropy, increase support for causes that people in our region care about, and boost nonprofit visibility. Nonprofits participate in Give Local because it's an effective way to raise funds for the important work they do, it gets the word out about their mission, and it connects them with everyday people who care about our communities.  

We believe that everyone can participate in the gift of giving back to their community, and no gift is too small. That's one of the big benefits of Give Local: a wide range of people in our communities can—and do—participate. In fact, 80% of the total number of Give Local contributions in 2021 were gifts of $200 or less, and every gift made through the campaign was boosted by a proportional match from a $100,000 Bonus Fund provided by the Dawkins Charitable Trust, a benefit participants will enjoy again this year.

The gift of giving is as much an act of joy for the donors of Give Local as it is for the participating nonprofit that transforms that gift into an act of caring, reinforcing our community's ability to adapt, prosper, and thrive. When each person embraces the power of community generosity, leans in, and contributes, we all benefit. Let's get started!

How do we get started with Give Local?

Get involved. It may feel like the fall and Give Local are still far away, but right now is the perfect time to start strategizing and reaching out to nonprofits you already love and asking them if you can sign up to be a "Champion'' and fundraise alongside them during Give Local. It takes time to develop a successful campaign, and your support ensures that your favorite local causes reach their fundraising goals to meet community needs. The sooner you reach out, the more time you'll have to encourage others to join you in donating to their favorite causes, too.  

Mark your calendar. The 2022 Give Local campaign runs November 7-18. During that time, dozens of participating nonprofits—in health services, the arts, housing, economic development, and more—will be accepting donations and reaping extra benefits. Let the countdown begin!

Bookmark this link (, so you're ready in November. Prior to the campaign, this site is where organizations find tools to help them prepare for the campaign. Once the campaign opens, it's also where donors will see each local nonprofit's Story (profile page) and where they'll contribute. You can also help the Community Foundation start generating buzz by sharing why you "Give Local" on the homepage.  

Our donor FAQs are already live. This is a great place to start because you can donate in myriad ways, including through your donor advised fund or retirement account, and start thinking about your Give Local donation budget and the causes most important to you. If you interested in making your Give Local gift through a donor advised fund or individual retirement account check out this resource for more information.

Another way to get involved is to become a Give Local sponsor. Our sponsors help increase nonprofit visibility and help cover costs associated with the event, such as credit card fees, online platform fees, nonprofit training, and marketing. In addition, by becoming a Sponsor, you too are leaning in and magnifying your dedication to the local nonprofit community.  

Who Gives Local?

The campaign has been going strong for five years, which means that many donors are starting to anticipate their giving long before the campaign begins. Committed Give Local donors are members of our community who want to participate in the work of local nonprofits.  

Here's what some of them have to say:

"As chair of the Community Foundation's Resource Development Committee in 2017, I was excited to help launch "Give Local." Some of us called it the "democratization of philanthropy" because we intended to demonstrate that anyone—regardless of age, income, or social "class" —can be a philanthropist. I have been an active contributor ever since. Every fall, I look forward to scanning the list of participating nonprofits, reading about their missions and activities, and using my judgment and values to direct my own money to those that I think can best address our community's needs."
– Meg VanSchoorl

"When we were younger, our small communities supported us economically and socially through scholarships, mentoring, coaching, and other types of support to achieve our goals. We both feel strongly about supporting our younger people and those in need to accomplish their goals."

– Harry and Shelly Griffith

"Give Local provides a unique forum to be a part of all the good that is happening in our community without feeling like I need to break the bank. Each year, I learn about new organizations, and ones I'm acquainted with and "spread the love" by giving small gifts to many organizations, and I can remain engaged with all the causes that are important to me. This allows me to give without hesitation and feel good about it. I Give Local because it makes being philanthropic accessible, regardless of your prior engagement with or knowledge of our local nonprofit organizations. Give Local makes seeing good and doing good easy!"

– Tara McQueen

"I love Give Local. It's an opportunity to leverage my donations to organizations I support. It's really double-leverage, because I use a Donor Advised Fund. My initial contributions of appreciated securities into the DAF are the source of my contributions to Give Local. I avoid capital gains tax on the appreciated securities and get a full fair market value tax deduction when the money goes in. Then, when I donate through Give Local, the charities I support not only get my (tax-advantaged) donation, but also a boost from the Give Local Bonus Fund."  

– Jim Lazar

Working together is how change happens. We're excited to partner with donors and nonprofits to help us all leverage our communities' incredible generosity and optimism so nonprofits can make an even bigger difference.  

Community philanthropy truly is the gift of giving. Join us in helping make this year's Give Local another banner year!

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