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New Grant Crowdfunding Opportunity in 2017

November 20, 2017

This year as part of our 2017 Community Grants process, the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound will promote a number of our grants on a new online giving platform. We will publish selected grants with the goal of leveraging the Community Foundation’s support to attract additional funding from the community at large. The Community Foundation will run a media campaign to publicize this opportunity and offer incentives such as matches and bonuses to motivate giving. This campaign will take place in November and December 2017.

Nonprofits will be selected to participate in the grants crowdfunding campaign through our 2017 Community Grants process. There is a question in the online grants application that will allow an organization to opt in or out of the crowdfunding opportunity. The Community Foundation will select approximately 25 organizations to take part in this year’s grants crowdfunding campaign. Organizations will be selected based on strength of application according to our grant guidelines, as well as considerations for presenting a broad range of programs across counties, subject areas, and organization size.

There is no maximum amount of funding that can be requested; however, grant awards from the Community Foundation are not likely to exceed $10,000. The Community Foundation will award a portion (up to 75%) of the overall request, and the remaining amount will be published on the online giving platform for the public to help complete.

Additional training is required for participating nonprofits to understand how the campaign works and ways to participate. Organizations that perform well on crowdfunding campaigns have a strong internet presence, updated donor databases with email addresses, and use social media to promote their work.

The application process is now open and the deadline is Friday, August 25. Invitations to participate in the crowdfunding campaign will occur no later than November 9. The Community Foundation’s crowdfunding campaign will then begin soliciting additional funds and will open in late November. The total grant award (Community Foundation award plus additional gifts through the online crowdfunding campaign) will be disbursed in January.

Click here to read more about our 2017 Community Grants program.

November 20, 2017

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