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Congratulations to the recipients of our 2012-2013 Community Scholarship Program! (June, 2012)

April 22, 2016

(June 2012 Archive)

Learning Seed Foundation Scholarships:

Happy Scholarship Recipient and Donor

Class of 2009-Renewals

  • Marcus Burrell, Central Washington University
  • Elena Carter, Central Washington University
  • Mikael Delgado, Washington State University
  • Nancy Lamptey, Eastern Washington University
  • Khoa Le, University of Washington
  • Britanie Lining, Saint Martin’s University
  • Lisa Nguyen, University of Washington
  • Tony Nguyen, University of Washington
  • Alexandra Norman, Whitman College
  • Talia Woods, Saint Martin’s University

Class of 2011 Renewals

  • Joyce Dizon, Pierce College
  • Angie Lim Franco, Pacific Lutheran University
  • Brandon Galang, University of Washington
  • Tina Moore, University of Washington
  • Annie Sing, Whitman College
  • Erica Wetterlind, Saint Martin’s University

Class of 2012

  • Bernadette Buertey, Mount Tahoma High
  • Michelle Le, North Thurston High
  • Brittanie Lee, Clover Park High
  • Alejandra Lopez, Mount Tahoma High
  • Duong Nguyen, Wilson High
  • Christian Ramirez, Mount Tahoma High
  • Quadelle Satterwhite, Lincoln High
  • Darrell Wilson, Franklin Pierce High

John & Opal McGimpsey Scholarship Renewals to College Students:

  • Lauren Bragazzi, The Evergreen State College
John hugging scholarship recipient
  • Madelynn Brickey, Western Washington University
  • Evelyn Carlson, University of Washington
  • James Kooi, University of Washington
  • Kaitlyn Nelson, Washington State University
  • Vy-Thanh Tran, University of Washington
  • Christina Wichman, South Puget Sound C. C.

John & Opal McGimpsey 2012 Scholarships Graduating High School Seniors

  • Alexis Bonbright, Olympia High
  • Hannah Niles-Williams, North Thurston High

Ecosystems Scholarship for Students Pursuing Careers in Natural Resources/Land Use Management

  • Dan Gusset, The Evergreen State College
  • Ian Keene, Western Washington University

Dan R. Montgomery Memorial Scholarship to High School Seniors

  • Robert Hernandez, Rochester High

L & E Bottling Co. Scholarship to High School Senior

  • Marcus Storvick, North Thurston High

William & Dorothy Judah Scholarship to High School Senior

  • Kaitlyn Frasier, North Thurston High

Ellen Anderson deMoise Scholarships to High School Seniors

  • Nancy Flecha, White Pass High
  • Ivy Lord, Mossyrock High

Olympia High School Foundation Scholarships

John D. Creighton Memorial Scholarship

  • Alex Bassett, Olympia High

Laurie Callaghan Memorial Scholarship

  • Sadie Boyle, Olympia High

Alfred R. ‘Dick’ Lewis Memorial Scholarship

  • Lyndsey Judge, Olympia High

OHS Faculty Scholarship

  • Seungmin Han

April 22, 2016

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