Thank you to all who have submitted applications!

2016 Grant Deadline: 5:00 pm, August 26, 2016

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We provide the following information to help you compose your application and meet the objectives laid out in our process. Our staff welcomes your questions. First- time applicants are encouraged to talk with staff prior to submitting an application. Please refer to our Discretionary Grant Guidelines for more information.

Understanding the Application Process

Each organization may submit only one application per cycle. Applications are reviewed by our Grants Committee, consisting of board and community members. This review may include a site visit or interview with your key personnel. The Grants Committee then presents funding recommendations to our Board of Directors for final action in December.

A Complete Application Will Include:

  1. A cover letter briefly summarizing your request, signed by both the organization’s chief executive and its board chair.
  2. A fully executed Foundation Grant Application
  3. Completed Grant Profile Form
  4. Narrative response to (6) questions, maximum 1,750 words
  5. List of current board members with titles and affiliations
  6. One copy of the organization’s most recent IRS Form 990 tax filing
  7. Date of the organization’s most recent audited financial report
  8.  Budget Information:
    - Current year organizational budget
    - Prior year organization budget showing actual vs. budget
    - A budget specific to the proposal in your application
  9. If you are applying under a Fiscal Sponsor, include their contact information (phone and email) with a signed authorization for this grant application.

Narrative Guidelines

Required Format: 1,750 word limit, 12pt. font size or larger, single sided, no staples or binders (paper clips are OK), minimum one inch margins.

We are interested in learning about your organization and how The Foundation might assist you in achieving your goals to enhance our community. Please address each of the (6) items below.

  1. Describe the history and purpose of your organization(s); include the population and geographic area your proposal serves. (250 word limit)
  2. Describe what you plan to do and how it aligns with Foundation grantmaking objectives. Identify key personnel and partners. (500 word limit)
  3. Why is this work important for our community now? (250 word limit)
  4. Describe other current and potential funding sources for this proposal. How do you plan to support this work going forward? (250word limit)
  5. Describe what you will measure and how you will evaluate your project/work. (250 word limit)
  6. Is there anything else you would like us to know? (250 word limit)
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