FAQs for Give Local Nonprofit Organizations

Her are some frequently asked questions (and answers) for nonprofit organizations that are participating in Give Local.

What is Give Local?

Hosted by the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound, Give Local is a three-week online giving campaign to support nonprofits across Thurston, Mason, and Lewis Counties.

What organizations are eligible to participate?

Organizations selected to “Opt-In” to Give Local through the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound’s 2018 Community Grants application process. The Community Foundation reviewed 120 applications and invited approximately 75 organizations to participate in Give Local.

What is required for an organization to participate?

See MOU.

How do donation receipts work? Does my organization need to send letters?

All donations made through the Give Local platform are tax deductible in the full amount allow by the law. All individuals who donate through the Give Local website will receive a tax receipt via email immediately after they make their contribution. Participating organizations should not send a tax receipt to any donors who give through the Give Local platform, but we do encourage you to acknowledge donations by following-up and thanking donors to let them know how their dollars are helping your cause.

How does the “Incentive Fund” work?

Every dollar raised by your organization will be stretched with a $100,000 Incentive Fund generously provided by the Dawkins Charitable Trust. The Incentive Fund is a proportional match. The incentive fund proportionally increases the value of every dollar donated.

Here's how it works:

If a nonprofit organization receives 5 percent of the total amount of money raised during Give Local 2018, that same nonprofit receives 5 percent of the $100,000 Incentive Fund.

No organization will receive more than $7,500 of the Incentive Fund. So, for example, if your organization raises 20% of all the funds raised during Give Local, your match will be capped at $7,500. This “cap” is in place to ensure that all participating nonprofits will get the chance to benefit from the Incentive Fund.

How do the Giving Bonuses work?

Each Wednesday of the campaign, we will draw 5 names from all donations of $25.00 or higher made on that day through the Give Local online giving platform. The winners will receive $100 to spend on the Give Local nonprofit of their choice! Donations of $25.00 and higher will qualify for the giving bonus drawings. This applies only to online gifts. Giving Bonuses must be “used” by the last day of Give Local (Tuesday, November 20).

Can donors send in checks during Give Local?

We encourage online donations to the Give Local platform, but cash and check gifts will be accepted. In order to count towards the matching grant, Give Local donations must be received by Tuesday, November 20 at 5:00pm and made out to Community Foundation of South Puget Sound (with your organization’s name in the memo). The Community Foundation will manually add check or cash donations made during Give Local to your giving total.

How much of each donation goes to my organization?

All of it! As with any credit card transaction, there is a standard transaction fee assessed by the credit card company of no more than 4%. However, thanks to the generous support of our Give Local presenting sponsors, credit card and platform fees will be covered so that 100% of the donations will be passed along to the nonprofit.

When will organizations receive their Give Local contributions?

The Community Foundation will process donations and mail the checks for your Give Local donations by December 31, 2018.

Will my organization receive donor information, so that we can thank our supporters?

Yes. You will have access to donor information during and after the event. We strongly encourage you to thank donors for their support. The only exception is that you will not receive donor information if the donor chooses to remain anonymous.

Will I be able to make changes to my campaign after the October 26 deadline?

Yes. The deadline is in place to make sure all campaign content is ready before Give Local starts and to give Community Foundation staff time to review and approve the campaigns. But campaign managers will be able to make changes and edits to their campaigns at any time during Give Local.

Is there a limit to the amount I can raise through Give Local?

No. You have the ability to set any goal you want. No organization will be able to receive more than $7,500 from the Incentive Fund.

What if I don’t reach my goal?

That’s OK. Unlike many crowdfunding sites, the Community Foundation does not penalize you for not reaching your goal. And and all donations made through your fundraising page will be passed along to the designated nonprofit organization.

What if I have other questions?

Please contact Mindie Reule at mreule@thecommunityfoundation.com or 360-705-3340 with additional questions about Give Local 2018.